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Rapid.Space run live deployment of 5G edge at DefenseThailand

Live demo of 5G Edge on ORS at Defense Thailand
  • Last Update:2022-09-13
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

At the Defense & Security 2022 exhibition in Thailand, Rapid.Space showcased a live deployment of 5G edge. A single, 2.4kg Open Radio Station (ORS) could cover all the exhibition hall with clear 5G signal in band N78 at a distance of 200 m.

One Open Radio Station (ORS) was acting as an autonomous 5G base station:

  • Amarisoft gNb (RAN)
  • Amarisoft 5gc (core network)
  • Galene (video streaming server)
  • Theia (Web IDE)
  • SlapOS (edge PaaS)

The second Open Radio Station (ORS) was acting as a 5G UE thanks to on Amarisoft 5G UE simulator software. A laptop was connected via Ethernet to the ORS acting as UE.

Three smartphones (OnePlus 8T) were all connected to the 5G base station. Overall, 4 5G UEs were streaming video over IPv6.

The fact that the exact same Open Radio Station (ORS) hardware could act as base station or UE demonstrates the power of a pure software defined solution such as Amarisoft. By changing software or its configuration, the Open Radio Station (ORS) acts as a different type of 5G device (UE, gNb, 5gc, etc.).

Also, the demonstration showcases the power of SlapOS for tactical edge computing. With a modest Intel i5 2 core, low-power CPU, Open Radio Station (ORS) could run in parallel gNb (including software defined PHY), 5gc, Galene video server, Theia IDE, etc. This is only possible because of SlapOS nano-container technology, which is also used for autonomous drones and industrial automation.

Besides the Open Radio Station (ORS), Rapid.Space introduced is SimpleRAN BBU product line and its open source OSS/BSS solution.

The ORS is running a demo of edge services with Amarisoft vRAN, Galene WebRTC and Theia Web IDE (supported by Eclipse Foundation). 

Source: https://twitter.com/smetsjp/status/1564915296976023552?s=19