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Rapid.Space showcases SimpleRAN 5G vRAN exempt of US content thanks to Zhaoxin CPU

Rapid.Space has created the first 5G base station exempt of US content yet capable of releasing the full promise of vRAN
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LILLE, France, February 3, 2022 - Rapid.Space, the Fully Open 5G converged cloud provider, has created the first 5G base station exempt of US content yet capable of releasing the full promise of virtual radio access network (vRAN).

Based on SimpleRAN open vRAN solution, this base station uses a Zhaoxin KX6780 CPU to virtualize 5G and relies on the Amarisoft stack and on other open source components such as SlapOS OSS/BSS, babel latency optimized router, Scikit-learn AI engine, etc. Together, they provide a self-contained 4G and 5G network, including core network and all other support functions.

Jean-Paul SMETS, CEO of Rapid.Space explains : "Until now, all our hardware products are based on Intel or AMD CPU, which we are very happy of". Jean-Paul SMETS add, "with Zhaoxin CPUs, we get one more option to solve problems of our current suppliers either in terms of lead time or of export control in some regions." 

Franck SPINELLI, CEO of Amarisoft concludes : "Support of Zhaoxin KX6780 CPU by Amarisoft demonstrates the advantage of a pure software solution, including the PHY layer, independent of any hardware vendor or hardware accelerator. We hope in the future to support more CPUs from other vendors all over the world."

Rapid.Space will be present at Mobile World Congress 2022: Hall 5 Stand 5H68

Amarisoft gNodeB running on Zhaoxin KX6780 (N78 40 MHz)

Amarisoft gNodeB running on Zhaoxin KX6780 (N78 40 MHz)

Amarisoft eNodeB running on Zhaoxin KX6780 (B41 20 MHz)

Amarisoft eNodeB running on sur Zhaoxin KX6780 (B41 20 MHz)

Zhaoxin KX6780 CPU

Zhaoxin KX6780 CPU

About Rapid.Space

Rapid.Space is a unique, high-performance, and "fully open" cloud provider committed to building an international cloud infrastructure focusing on openness, transparency, and reversibility. As co-founder of the SimpleRAN initiative and member of the Open Compute Project, Euclidia, Gaia-X and EANGTI, Rapid.Space strives to be at the forefront of next-generation cloud computing infrastructure development, making a case for its fully open architecture built from open source software, open hardware, and open processes.

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